Production Process of Food Grade Transparent Epoxy Potting Glue

Publish Time: 2024-05-29
The production process of Food Grade Transparent Epoxy Potting Glue is a key link to ensure product quality and safety. The following is a brief description covering the production process:

Raw material preparation: The first step in producing Food Grade Transparent Epoxy Potting Glue is the preparation of raw materials. These raw materials usually include epoxy resin, curing agent, filler, diluent and additives. When selecting raw materials, it is necessary to ensure that they meet food grade safety standards and will not contaminate food.

Formula design: According to the characteristics and requirements of the product, a suitable formula is formulated and strict formula control is carried out. It is necessary to ensure that various raw materials are added in a certain ratio to ensure the stability and consistency of product performance.

Mixing and stirring: After the raw materials are accurately weighed according to the formula, they are mixed and stirred. This step is very critical because it directly affects the performance and quality of the product. The stirring process needs to be carried out at a certain temperature and time to ensure that the raw materials are fully mixed, eliminate bubbles, and obtain a uniform mixture.

Vacuum degassing: After mixing, vacuum degassing is usually required to remove tiny bubbles in the mixture to ensure the transparency and appearance quality of the product.

Potting casting: The mixed transparent epoxy potting glue is formed through the casting equipment. In this step, it is necessary to control parameters such as temperature, pressure and speed to ensure that the product has uniform thickness and smooth surface, while avoiding residual bubbles or other defects.

Curing and post-processing: After potting, the product needs to be cured, generally by baking or curing reaction at a certain temperature. The cured product will undergo subsequent cutting, inspection and packaging processes, and finally become the epoxy potting glue product required for food packaging.

Through the above production process steps, the Food Grade Transparent Epoxy Potting Glue produced can ensure compliance with food hygiene and safety standards, while having good sealing performance, transparency and durability, meeting the requirements of food packaging.

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